Summer 2018



12 PM to 8 PM
Open Tech Café

4 PM to 8 PM
Open Tech Café

12 to 8 PM
Open Tech Café

4 PM to 8 PM
Open Tech Café

12 to 7 PM
Open Tech Café

12 to 5 PM
Open Tech Café



10 AM to 11 AM
Prime Time for Seniors 
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Scheduled Classes

Prime Time for Seniors Ages 55 & up. Join us every Tuesday for technology classes that will cover basic computer functions, E-mail, search engines, and more! From 10-10:30 PM we will have a more structured "how-to: session on the days topic, from 10:30-11 AM is open question time. Not interested in computer classes? We'll have our Kinect sports up and running the whole time as well, grab a friend and come bowl, run track, or box all in the comfort of our Technology Cafe! Feel free to bring personal devices during this time. 

Microsoft Office 101 All Ages. Come learn the ins and outs of using Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook. We'll be covering basic usage of each software, what it's good for, and tricks and tips for utilizing them together. Learn how to make anything from a simple typed document, to flyers for an event, and even a home budget!

Google It All Ages. Google is much more than just a search engine now. You can use it to type up documents, make power point presentations, help manage your calendar, as a news source, and even as a social media outlet. The best thing about it is that you can have access to it at almost any time through your computer or handheld devices. We'll go through the ins and outs of some of Google's more widely used applications and how to use them. 

One-on-one appointments All Ages. We offer one on one appointments with our Technology-Education Specialist. These appointments are a good opportunity to learn what you want in regards to computer technology. Appointments can be made Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM in half-hour increments. Please see an associate in the Technology Cafe for more information. 






Drop-In Anytime Classes
Drop-In Anytime classes are not offered during SK2 hours
(Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4 to 5 PM)

Crash Proofing Learn how to defend your digital devices from unwanted viruses.

Cyber Sentry Learn how to safeguard your computer against unwanted viruses and
create fear-free social environments online.

Microsoft Tutorials Learn time-saving tips on how to use MSWord, Publisher, Excel, and PowerPoint more effectively in these Microsoft Office mini-classes.

Digital Organization Learn how to manage files, folders, and drives.

Tech Rec Tournaments Work on the PS3 and Kinect programs to gain strength,
balance, rhythm, and aerobic stamina. Or, sit an enjoy a board game with a friend.

Online Circles Create your own circles of friends and interact for business or pleasure on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Google+, and more!

Opps and Apps Research job opportunities, get knowledgeable about company backgrounds, and navigate online applications smoothly.

P4 (plan, produce, publish, print)
See an imagined project through to the end. Learn how to make a plan with storyboards or diagrams. Create your work by selecting the appropriate online resources. Save and publish your project. Then, learn how to print it just the way you want it to appear.

Search & Research It’s time for term papers AND finding good deals!  Or, read up on that company you would like to explore for an up-coming interview.  This class will cover all types of researching.  Learn to get the facts like a pro.

The Write Place Whether you are writing a paper, re-working a resume, or composing letters or reports, we’re here to help.


Adult Education Classes